Babar Azam honey-trapped? Intimate videos and pictures of Pakistan cricketer leaked online

Babar Azam caught in sexting scandal

Babar Azam caught in sexting scandal

Babar’s name has been caught up in another controversy off the field and it has triggered an uproar over social media.

An alleged video of the star Pakistan batter is being circulated on social media in which he is being accused of doing sex chats with her alleged girlfriend. The person in the video looks like the Pakistan cricketer but the authenticity of the same couldn’t be ascertained.

An Instagram handle, with the name of ‘Eisha Babar Azam’ alleged that the Pakistani cricketer was in a relationship with her and several other girls.

The handle carries several screenshots and a video of the Pakistan cricketer driving the car. The face of the girl in the video has been hidden. The cricketer’s alleged girlfriend also shared his voice notes as well as his pictures. The user of the Instagram handle even claimed that the cricketer sent those voice notes.

Fresh controversy for Babar

Fresh controversy for Babar

A Twitter user alleged that the Pakistan cricketer was sexting with the girlfriend of another Pakistan cricketer and even promised her that her boyfriend won’t be out of the team if she keeps sexting with him is just.

While targetting Babar, an Instagram user posted with the caption: “Hope you get what you did. Can you not support a woman as a woman? Are you making noise because I am showing his true colours? The garbage will be revealed. He has to reap what he sowed. I will reveal the truth before committing suicide.”

This isn’t the first time when the 28-year-old’s name is being dragged into a controversy like this. Earlier, a girl had alleged that the cricketer was in a relationship with her and shared screenshots of her chat with Babar.

No statement has been made from the cricketer’s side.

Babar's fans slam smear campaign

Babar’s fans slam smear campaign

The star Pakistan cricketer’s fans took strong exception to the alleged video clip and termed it as another smear campaign against him.

Fans across social media platforms accused Babar’s haters of perpetrating a fake social media campaign against him.

“I don’t understand why always these leaks are from someone who is truly so near to becoming a legend in Pakistan. This looks like a pre-planned controversy to pressurize Babar Azam,” a user tweeted.

“It’s totally unethical to leak pictures and videos, if you are a victim of something, go, file a complain and drag that person to the court,” wrote another person.

“Shameless people leaking it out the privacy of #BabarAzam you can hate him but don’t go to that Personal you don’t have the right to do. That leaks videos should be Investigated,” another person tweeted.

While there were others who went on to suggest that people shouldn’t interfere with the personal life of the cricketer.

Then there were also those who suggested that the cricketer seems to have been honey-trapped by someone.

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