Former Australia cricketer Michael Clarke accused of cheating by girlfriend, gets involved in a public fracas

In the video which went viral over social media, Clarke was seen getting slapped and punched up across the face by his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough. Later, the former cricketer punched the husband of Yarbrough’s sister, who is a TV show host in Australia.

In the clash caught on camera, the former Australia cricketer was also accused of cheating. In the video, Clarke could be heard denying the accusations made against him.

As per reports, the former Australia cricketer was on a holiday in Queensland with his girlfriend, her sister Jasmine, and her husband Karl Stefanovic – who is a TV shot host.

It is being reported that all four of them were at dinner with their friend when the cricketer was accused of cheating on his girlfriend with his ex-partner, Pip Edwards.

The video – which was shared The Daily Telegraph – Jade can be heard shouting at Clarke and calling him a ‘f****** liar’ and a ‘piece of s***’. Meanwhile, the cricketer could be heard pleading his innocence.

His girlfriend’s sister, Jade, then asks Clarke to go with her husband, before he unleashes his rage on the TV show host.

“Karlos, I can tell you now c***, don’t you f****** walk away. She can, she can punch me, but you, you c***,” Clarke says.

Jade can then be seen approaching and slapping Clarke, as she says, “You piece of s***, don’t you f****** speak to him.”

“Go, hit me hit me … do it again, you’re wrong, you’re f****** wrong,” Clarke replies.

But, this does nothing to calm Jade down, as he retaliates, saying: ‘Oh am I wrong? You f***** her [Edwards] on December 17.

“You f***** her… you’re a f****** dog… I’m going to show her every f****** message you ever f****** sent me,” as she references the texts she allegedly saw on Clarke’s phone between himself and Edwards.

Eventually, Jasmine ended the fracas. Later, the 41-year-old cricketer apologised for his behaviour.

Later, he was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying, “I’m absolutely gutted I’ve put people I hold in the highest regard in this position.”

Meanwhile, media reports quoted Pip Edwards as saying, “This is not my circus. Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to.”

Michael Clarke’s girlfriends and wife

The World Cup-winning former Australia captain was first linked with model Lara Bingle. They started dating in 2007 before splitting in 2010. The couple split after engagement in 2010 after Bingle’s photo in the shower – which was taken by AFL star Brendan Fevola – was leaked on social media.

In 2012, the cricketer got married to Kyly Boldy in 2012. Kyly Boldy was Clarke’s schoolmate at Sydney’s Westfields Sports High. The couple welcomed a child together in 2015. The marriage ended in 2020.

It was rumoured during the same time that Clarke was seen getting close to fashion designer and long-time friend Pip Edwards.

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