India 4th Innings Totals at The Oval: Can Virat Kohli and Co Pull Off Historic Chase To Win WTC Final 2023?

Heading into the final day of WTC Final, India are 164/3 with Virat Kohli (44*) and first innings saviour Ajinkya Rahane (20*) unbeaten. The duo and the rest of the Indian batting order will need to add another 280 runs to complete the chase.

Can India stun Australia and pull off the impossible? There is every chance on a wicket that has hardly helped the pacers. Also there is no real help for spinners.

However, India has only 7 wickets in hand and only three more players along with Kohli and Rahane that can bat well. But what is India’s highest 4th innings total? What happened when they last chased at The Oval.

Previously, India has chased four times at the Kennington Oval, where they have managed to draw two Tests and have lost two, including the last time they had the task of batting last at the venue.

In 2018, India were set a target of 464 by England. After struggling in the chase at 121-5, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant gave India some hope with their 204-run partnership, but that wasn’t enough as India fell short by 118 runs. Here is a look at India’s 4th innings scores at The Oval.

India 4th Innings Scores at The Oval

Year Opponent Target 4th Innings Score Result
1979 England 438 429/8 Draw
2018 England 464 345 All Out Lost
1971 England 173 174/6 Won
1982 England 376 111/3 Draw

India has so far won once and drawn twice in their four innings batting last at The Oval. Even a draw may be enough for India in the WTC Final 2023 as they would share the mace with Australia.

But what has been the highest successful chase at the Oval so far? Has there any team that has scored over 400 runs to win a match at the venue. Unfortunately, no, but on the kind of wicket, anything is possible. Here is a look at the highest successful chase at the venue.

Highest Successful Chases at The Oval in Tests

Team Versus Score Year
England Australia 263/9 1902
West Indies England 255/2 1963
Australia England 242/5 1972
West Indies England 226/2 1988
England South Africa 205/2 1994
England South Africa 198/4 2008
India England 174/6 1971
England South Africa 164/6 1951
Pakistan England 148/6 2010
England West Indies 146/5 1991

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