Kyle Walker Video: Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola refuses to talk about Walker scandal, terms as ‘private issue’

Kyle Walker, the Man City right-back, was recently captured in a CCTV footage where the defender was appeared to be a in a drunken state and is seen kissing a woman in a bar in Manchester last Sunday (March 5).

The player was captured with obscene activity as he was allegedly ‘flashing’ (intentionally showing his genitals) in a public place and it happened during the weekend after Pep Guardiola gave his players a couple of days off after their win over Newcastle United.

Kyle Walker bar Video:

Upon being asked about the Walker incident, Pep Guardiola said he has solved the matters internally with the player and refused to comment further.

“A private issue. We solved it internally, speaking with him. Of course this is not the place to discuss private situations,” Guardiola said.

Kyle Walker can face Prison

After the video surfaced the social media, there has been an array of allegations against Walker and the Man City player is set to undergo a police probe for his offense. The player could be charged with indecent exposure, which, if proven, can carry a prison sentence of a maximum of two years.

The Spanish manager went on to alert his players about public behaviour as he believes the players are much more exposed and are filmed in this current era of social media.

“It’s completely different from years ago. They know it. When you open the door at home you have to know you will be filmed whatever you do. It is part of society,” the Manchester City manager added.

Man City will be travelling to London to face Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Saturday and it is to be seen whether Guardiola keeps Walker in the team or not. Although the England international is tipped to play, the ramifications of his actions can be long-term as the player may land himself in legal trouble.

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