Fact Check: Does CSK video really signal that MS Dhoni has retired from IPL?

The video showed MS Dhoni going back to the pavilion by climbing the stairs before his pictures from IPL 2023 campaign start to overlap it. The emotive background score playing and the caption of ‘Oh Captain, My Captain!’, followed by pleading face emoji made a few fans believe that the video was a subtle hint towards Dhoni’s impending retirement.

“Considering the way he retired from ODI and Test cricket we can safely assume that he has retired from playing IPL. He never announces his retirement early but just fades away and we will realise only when don’t see him again in the team,” wrote one of the users.

“If this is a prelude to his retirement, we should respectfully accept his decision and celebrate his all time illustrious career!” another fan wrote.

Has MD Dhoni really retired from IPL? Is MS Dhoni going to retire from IPL?

No. It’s very unlikely that Dhoni will make a call on his IPL future Just a couple of weeks after the completion of IPL 2023. One should recalled that, the 41-year-old had expressed his desire to retire only after playing at Chepauk and in front of the fans.

Covid-19 pandemic denied fans the opportunity to watch the game from the stadium for three years, however, an ageing Dhoni waited and put on a show for his fan despite nursing a knee injury. He thanked fans throughout the country as he put on a spectacle wherever he played.

Presenters tried their best to an answer from Dhoni on his future but the Ranchi-born cricketer kept downplaying the question until he won the trophy for the record fifth time.

After leading his troops to the title triumph, Dhoni opened up finally and admitted that the jubilant moment was just perfect to announce his retirement before adding that he would love to reciprocate the love from the fans and play ‘AT LEAST’ one more season.

Dhoni went on to add that there was no rush and that has ample to think over the next six to seven months. Before heading back to Ranchi, Dhoni went straight to Mumbai to get his knee operated and is now set to start his rehabilitation.

“Looking for an answer? Circumstantially if you see, this is the best time to announce my retirement. But the amount of love and affection I have been shown wherever I have been this year, the easy thing would be for me to say “Thank you very much”, but the tough thing for me is to work hard for another 9 months and come back and play at least 1 more season of IPL.

“A lot depends on the body, I have 6-7 months to decide. It will be more like a gift from my side, it’s not easy for me but that’s a gift. The way they’ve shown their love and affection, I think that’s something I need to do for them,” he said.

While fans are speculating his retirement, their ‘Thala’ is already gearing up to put on one final show for the – ‘The last dance’. His physical fitness holds the key and Dhoni might opt to retire before the IPL 2023 but him taking a decision so soon is very unlikely. Moreover, the new Impact Player rule, is very well going to extend Dhoni’s IPL career by a year.

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