Shikhar Dhawan-Ayesha Mukherjee Divorce: Court orders cricketer’s ex-wife to bring their son Zoravar to India

In its hearing, the Delhi Court directed Ayesha Mukherjee – who has divorced the senior India cricketer – to bring their son Zoravar to India and let the child meet with his father and his family.

Shikhar – the left-handed India opener – married Ayesha – already a mother of two girls – in 2014 and the couple had a son. The couple separated in 2021 and their marriage of eight years came to an end. After divorcing Dhawan, Ayesha – who is an Australian citizen – shifted permanently to Australia.

Since 2021, Dhawan has been fighting a legal battle with his ex-wife to get legal custody of his minor son. Zoravar is nine-years-old and he hasn’t met with his father since 2020.

The Patiala House Court’s order will come as a major relief to the senior India cricketer – who is very close with his son. The court has directed Ayesha to either bring their son Zoravar to India by June 28 or send the kid with a trusted guardian so that Dhawan and his family get to meet their ward.

The court has also expressed displeasure over the objection raised by Ayesha on meeting the child with his paternal family. The court has said that Shikhar Dhawan’s family has not met the child since August 2020.

“The mother alone has no right over the child. If Shikhar Dhawan has proved to be a good father so far, then why is she objecting to the child meeting with his family? Shikhar Dhawan is not seeking permanent custody anyway, he only wants to meet his child,” the court said.

“Either she brings the child to India by June 28 or sends him with someone she trusts,” the court further said.

Dhawan was Ayesha’s second husband. She has two daughters from her first marriage and lives with all three of her kids in Australia.

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