The Rock to The Bella Twins – Top 10 most influential WWE Superstars on social media

WWE has gradually stopped building up so-called “superstars” as the talents under their banner rather have to influence mainstream people and the wrestling fanbase via their social media activities and stints outside the squared circle.

The Bella Twins are two of the most influencing WWE Superstars (image courtesy Twitter)

The Bella Twins are two of the most influencing WWE Superstars (image courtesy Twitter)

Based on this, Wrestling-World prepared a list comprising ten such WWE Superstars who not only have the most number of followers on social media but they also made the most impact on their fanbase.

The metrics to get these WWE Superstars into the list were Google search volumes, social media followings, Wikipedia page views, brand values, and their overall reach beyond the world of professional wrestling.

Without a doubt, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson featured at the top of the chart given he’s the biggest box office attraction in Hollywood, coming out of the professional wrestling league to pave the way for many of his successors.

John Cena naturally comes second in this place as he was chosen as the next franchise player of the WWE after The Rock left for Hollywood. After carrying the load for almost 15 years, Cena himself became a movie star.

The other three names in the top 5 spots are Logan Paul, Ronda Rousey, and Triple H. Paul is a surprising name since he’s been in the WWE for barely over a year and has competed in only four matches.

But WWE did sign him under contract for his immense fan following on YouTube and other social media platforms. The same rule applies to Ronda who is best known for her appeal to the mainstream sports circuit of the USA.

Interestingly, the current top WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was pushed back to the seventh position despite his popularity among the mass audience. It seems he needs to enter Hollywood to uplift his status.

Also, The Bella Twins – Nikki and Brie Bella are the two only bonafide professional female wrestlers who are present on this top 10 list. This once again points out their contributions to the WWE Women’s Division.

Fans seemed to be polarized with WWE pushing them in the past and awarding them with two reality TV series but that happened for a reason. Nikki and Brie also commented on the tweet upon this achievement, as given below:

The other two remaining influential WWE superstars are Randy Orton (on the 8th spot) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (on the 10th spot) which are two natural choices since they did help catering WWE products, globally in their heydays.

Among these 10 names, Roman, Orton, and Ronda are active performers while Cena and Rock are part-timers. Triple H has transitioned into a corporate role in the WWE and he now takes care of the creative things.

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