‘There are many other ways to earn money’ Gautam Gambhir lashes out at cricketers for promoting Tobacco products

Pan Masala is a tobacco-based product which is injurious to health and addictive material. Many former Indian cricketers, and film superstars have recently joined and have taken part in those ads on TV which haven’t really sent a noble message to the youth of the country.

Former India players Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and Virender Sehwag have been seen promoting Pan Masala ads, whereas West Indies batter Chris Gayle was also roped in by the Pan Masala brand for advertisements.

And Gautam Gambhir has strongly criticised those former players who have taken part in those ads. Without naming any names, Gambhir took apart the ex-players and called their act ‘disgusting’ during an interview with News18 India.

“Disgusting because in my life I had never thought a sportsperson would do a pan masala ad and disappointing as I keep saying the same thing and will keep doing so, your role model should be chosen very carefully, after a lot of thought and deliberation. Name is not important, their actions are. Be it anybody. On is not known because of their name but because of their work actions,” Gambhir said on live TV on Sunday (June 11).

The former India player not only just asked the youth to choose their role model properly, but criticized those eminent players for promoting Tobacco products to earn money. He said there are many other ways to earn and being role models, one must know where to let things go which can send a wrong message to millions of one’s followers.

“Crores of youth are seeing them and money is not that important that you will do any pan masala ad. There are many other ways to earn money. Even if one has to let go of some money-making opportunity, as one is a role model of the youth, one has to have that courage,” he added.

Gambhir said he believes one shouldn’t get what one wants, but one should get what one deserves and cited an example from his playing career. In the IPL 2018 season, Gambhir stepped down as captain of Delhi Capitals midway through the season.

The player had a dismal outing in the first few matches and then handed over the captaincy to Shreyas Iyer. He also decided to give up his salary for the entire season.

“In 2018, when I stepped down as the captain of the Delhi Capitals, I had given up on three crores. I could have pocketed that money but I feel I should get only what I deserve and not what I want,” Gambhir concluded.

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