Vinod Kambli Controversies: From Drunk Driving to Accusing Sachin Tendulkar; The Kambli Conundrum

In the latest episode of his tantrum, the player now finds himself violating two IPC sections and can be in trouble for his antics. Also, the former player was potentially under the influence of alcohol, which only makes matters worse for him.

But this is not his first time flirting with the violation of laws. Kambli has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons since the beginning of his career. Despite being abundant with talent, he never flourished for India and his mentality and lack of discipline are deemed the reason for his underwhelming career.

Vinod Kambli Controversies:

He has been involved in many controversies throughout time. Here we take a look at some-

Match Fixing in World Cup 1996

Kambli claimed the 1996 World Cup semi-final match was fixed. India lost the semi-final against Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens and the pictures of Kambli leaving the field in tears amid crowd unrest are still vivid in many minds. And the player later accused team captain Mohammed Azharuddin and other batters of fixing the match, including the team manager of that World Cup.

Ramming the Society Gate

He was arrested by Mumbai Police for ramming into the gate of his housing society. Kambli got involved in a fight between society’s watchman and some residents last February and was involved in an ugly spat.

Drunk Driving

Kambli was arrested by Bandra Police for drunk driving and hitting a car. A case was filed against him for breaking three sections of IPC – 279 (reckless driving), 336 (endangering life and safety of other persons) and 427 (acting to cause harm).

The Punch in the Mall

Although Kambli had nothing to do with it, but a case was launched against him for the tantrum of his wife Andrea Hewitt in a mall. Andrea was touched on her hand by the father of Indian singer Ankit Tiwari, and she reacted by punching the elderly person. Ankit’s family lodged a case against Kambli and his wife.

Assaulting the Maid

Although Andrea Hewitt is the victim in the latest case, she is not a saint. The couple was accused of locking their maid for three days in a room in 2015, when she asked for money. Kambli had to go to jail for this but the case was dismissed later with the allegation that the maid used to take drugs.

Abusing Sidhu and Ramiz Raja

Kambli abused former India player Navjot Singh Sidhu and former Pakistan chairman Ramiz Raja on Twitter. Later he apologized and said a friend of his actually tweeted those from his account.

Accusing Sachin Tendulkar

Kambli also accused Sachin Tendulkar of not helping him during his rough phase. Tendulkar and Kambli were childhood friends but their relationship got marred. And in 2009, in an episode of the reality show ‘Sach Ka Saamna’, Kambli said he faced discrimination within the Indian team. He also added his friend Tendulkar didn’t help him at the time. Kambli was not invited to Tendulkar’s Farewell Party in 2013, after the latter retired from international cricket. But things have changed as the pair has come close again in recent days.

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