What is happening in WhatsApp? Learn what is truth- WhatsApp Latest News

Suddenly there will be someone who did not use WhatsApp anymore. This Whatsapp latest news is so popular among young people that people are now using WhatsApp as a result of the message. The number of days on the day is increasing in this app. This is a very popular WhatsApp choice.

This is a popular instant messaging app, not only in India but also in India, which is becoming more popular than in any other country in India. The number of users is also very high in India. Any news related to WhatsApp is affecting us all. Now the news is coming that if the government repeatedly changes this up, then the company will return from India.

So what do these people know? about Whatsapp Latest News

It is known that news spreads through WhatsApp very quickly. False or false news seems to be spreading because people can forward it quickly. Because of this, the government is also pushing to stop it.

The company is repeatedly being explained to stop the spread of fake and baseless news, but the company can not make any changes because it can not break its policy. WhatsApp has already made the issue clear that it will never do so because if any action is taken, the company does not want its customers to pay its price, or because of any reason, its popularity is reduced.

WhatsApp’s communications head Karl Wong said in a statement that the change that has been suggested to the company is not currently possible. This is not possible due to end-to-end encryption. It is difficult to say what will happen next.

The company has been asked to trace the message. The news is a bit worrisome. WhatsApp can not read any message except the current Sander and Receiver. Because of this policy, WhatsApp is so popular.
Users will benefit from end-to-end encryption, but the loss will be incurred in the agency, as this will result in the rectification of false information, fake news, and rumor spread.

The IT ministry has proposed a guideline to social media companies, in which the message of this method is to be stopped. At present, WhatsApp is not going anywhere from India. Because the company does not want to change any of this. The company has always claimed that the company is taking proper steps to stop Fake News and Rumors, and the company is also bringing a machine learning system.

There is so much news of the prevailing situation that WhatsApp does not go down well with India, meaning that it will be able to use this app with the exception of its users.

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