WTC Final 2023: Virat Kohli-Rohit Sharma fans engage in Twitter battle amid team India’s batting collapse

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, two of India’s premium batting stars failed to make any significant contribution in the WTC Final 2023 as India find themselves in deep trouble ahead of the 3rd day.

As the batters failed on field, a social media keyboard battle has started among the ‘so-called’ fans of both batters. Rohit and Kohli fans soon jumped to defend the case for their respective idols and ended up trolling, abusing and castigating each other.

A Twitter chaos was created, which was utterly disappointing and worse than India’s dismal batting performance. Amid the absolute need for solidarity among all Indian supporters, some keyboard warriors engaged in hurling foul words.

Here are some of the Twitter spurs between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli fans-

During the match, Virat Kohli was seen eating after his dismissal. And a set of fans wondered had Rohit Sharma been captured with the same, it would have definitely attracted body-shaming comments.

This is perhaps the exact kind of fans we don’t need. This user took it too far and accused Kohli for prioritising IPL more than India! Perhaps the user doesn’t follow international cricket that much!

This fan has gone BANANAS!

This user cited a picture from 2019 World Cup and tried to prove his case Rohit Sharma cares whereas Virat Kohli perhaps doesn’t.

“This is Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill chilling and laughing after throwing their wickets and leaving India in trouble in Final of an ICC tournament but somehow their fans will blame IPL for their bad performances where they clearly don’t seem to care much about Indian cricket team,” someone wrote.

Ajinkya Rahane was hailed for his batting and this user believes Rahane is faaaar better than Rohit Sharma.

Amid all those abuses, here is some more love for Ajinkya Rahane. But sadly, things can turn sour soon for him as well, courtesy of the fickle-minded ‘fans’.

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